Martha Marcy May Marlene Marvelous

Ooooh gurl. This movie is so amazing! I’ve been looking forward to this movie since Sundance and it’s finally here. Justin and I were both silently losing our shit during the whole thing–him for the stunning direction, me because I love cult movies and John Hawkes, and both of us because Elizabeth Olsen is freaking incredible.

If you get ooked out easily or you need quick pacing or you hate weird endings, then this isn’t for you, but for everyone else, go see it!


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4 responses to “Martha Marcy May Marlene Marvelous

  1. Incredible film, very unsettling. I loved it, but some of the other folks at Plaza Frontenac were none too happy about the ending…

  2. Stephie

    Yeah, I was warned that it ends at a weird point, so I was prepared. (I was also told to listen to all the angry cursing from people around me when it ended and it was pretty hilarious. We went to the Tivoli; I can’t even imagine the rage you witnessed at Frontenac.)

  3. I’m glad you guys gave me a heads up about a weird ending so I can prepare myself. Because I really want to see it.

  4. The comments at the end were probably the best part for me. My favorite was the middle aged lady who kept cursing “the damn film school kids” for being weird and liking nudity. Ha!

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