Freshers by Stephie

I doubt I’ll have time to write before we leave early tomorrow (unless Justin gets locked into another Nintento RBI Baseball vortex), so I wanted to leave at least a tiny new entry before I embark on my Amish Thanksgiving.

My co-workers and I sometimes get together after work to draw Free Crappy Portraits. The site sends you a picture, you draw some crap and send it back.

They sent our friend Doug a picture to draw. But, uh, Doug isn’t real? Doug is the fake Facebook twin brother of my friend Ben. Doug is a long story.

So here’s the free crappy portrait I drew for Doug.

(I almost drew the guy in the sheik costume laying in a pool of blood, with a thought bubble that said, “I’m dead because I’m racist”)

Sorry for the long break. I’m still recovering from my Felicity marathon and I love torturing Ron. Also, I’m still adjusting to life as a person with glasses. I got my first sexy librarian comment yesterday. Who the fuck says shit like that? Who cares? I love my glasses!

P.S. I forgot to tell you that at my new job, we have a Halloween Pet Parade. WHAT? YES:

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