“That’s How You Know It’s An Adventure.”

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday! Last night we saw Hugo. Based on the trailer, I had assumed it was a Harry Potter-ish ripoff or a pretty-but-blah kid’s story. I had no idea why Justin was so excited to see it. But it’s really an homage to filmmaker Georges Méliès, the father of special effects in film. I didn’t know what that meant until Justin mentioned the video for “Tonight, Tonight”:

Hugo is pretty amazing. Martin Scorsese directed it, Johnny Depp produced it, it’s a 3D film actually made with 3D film, the sets are gorgeous, the story is touching*, and Sacha Baron Cohen is totally hysterical in the most subtle way. It’s a shame that the marketing for the film, especially the trailer, is so misleading. I can’t gush about it enough.

I know all my entries lately have been videos or  just plain short. I’ve been hit with a case of the SADS, work is kicking my ass, I haven’t been running, and you know what? I just don’t feel like writing right now. I’ll bounce back with stories of the Amish and Jersey Boys and farm parties and Hoosier adventures; I just don’t know when.

Right now my energy is focused on real life and real people (see you tonight, Kendra and Jane!) and getting my muffin top back in the gym.

*There’s a dead dad plot, obviously. As an English major, I knew this was an ongoing theme in literature and film and other stories, but you’re never really aware of it until your dad dies, too. Just wait for it. It’s unbelievable, though once you get there you understand why it’s a story that someone wants to tell.

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