Gadgets and Glass and Gyros, Oh My

Hey y’all, I’ve been busy and boring, but I have a rare free moment, so I’m writing as many entries as I can before it passes. First up, the Christmas roundup.

Justin’s parents got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas! WHAAAAT

I love my paper books and I’m going to stick with them for bedtime reading (the Fire’s screen is way too bright for my DSPS), but the Kindle is awesome in every other way. HOWEVER: never, ever let me have an iPhone. I’ve spent one night with the Kindle and I ignored Justin all night and got like 4 hours of sleep. Those things make you insane. (Plus, did you know the iPhone manual says you’re not supposed to hold it against your head? Well, it does.)

They also got us 4 (huge) Southwest Airline gift cards and a (huge) wad of cash to spend on a vacation. His brother and sister got one, too. We’re all going on a trip together and I’m excited, though I have the feeling that I’m about to be dragged to somewhere hot and tropical. Not everyone dreams of Iceland the way Justin and I do. Still, isn’t that crazy?

Overall, my Christmas was pretty great. I got some awesome fair trade earrings from my mom, a big jewelry box from Justin (he also got me some Lush bath bombs, which make me feel like the ’94 Riot Grrl I always wanted to be), a USB desktop Christmas tree from Jen, and the most fucking hysterical shirt from my Grandma:

“It’s sexy, right?” she asked when I begrudgingly held it up. It’s no Dalmation Fur Vest, but still legendary. It is from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, y’all it is cultured. She was in rare form Christmas day; I told her to look excited about her new hat and scarf and this is what she came up with:

Perhaps my favorite present wasn’t even a gift, really … I got to be my mom’s date to her company Christmas party at Third Degree Glass Factory, and we each got to make a glass paperweight! I collect glass paperweights, especially round cobalt ones, so this was especially thrilling for me. I’m definitely going back to make more. Look how pretty!

I basically wore pajamas to work today, so I’m hiding. Oh, here’s a picture of me from last week with my Go Gyro Go food truck lunch (a.k.a. THE HAPPIEST YOU WILL EVER SEE ME):

Plus, I got two home alone weekends with all the Redbox movies, bubble baths and Toad Hollow wine I could handle. I missed Justin obviously, but when you’ve been working 50+ hour weeks all month and a spooky surgery coming up, a weekend like that is heaven.

I’ve been writing about working a lot, but it’s not exactly a complaint … I love my job and am madly in love with all my coworkers. I got a billion gifts from them, too: champagne from my boss, a handmade necklace from Kim, vodka-soaked pears from Bonita, and an incredible portrait of Ben and Doug:

My brother and niece are visiting on Friday, so I still have one Christmas to go, but so far, so awesome!


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