Wake Up and Fight


If you’re my Facebook friend/stalker, than you know this already, but those bartenders are my grandparents and that little Shirley Temple on the bar stool is my mom.

SOOOOO 2012. I got a little sick of the Year Plus in 2011, though I liked the concept and I may do it again in the future. 2012 is going to be a little different.

2012 is the year where I’m not sad about my job, I’m not sad about boys, and I’m not sad about any terminally ill people. (Excuse me while I knock on wood three times.) This is the year when I have no commute, no legit worries, and no major responsibilities outside of a job that I love.

So if there was ever a year to take control of my life–all the shit I try to change every year, and somehow come short–this is it. Fuck that stuff. Fuck those struggles. Fuck trying, fuck failing, fuck wishing.

This year, I’m going to F This 2012.

Rather than coming up with something each month, I may focus on the same areas but approach them in different ways. The main areas? Food, Fitness, Friends, Family, Finances and Faith.

I’m kicking my debt’s ass. I’m losing the weight I’ve gained at this new job. I’m running faster, I’m going out more, I’m doing some damn crunches, I’m calling my Grandma, I’m cooking, and I’m even going to church. (It’s cool! It’s Methodist! Don’t worry!)

Nothing groundbreaking this year and no more crazytalk (no cheese? puh-lease), just good old-fashioned resolutions, one topic and one month at a time. Assuming nothing crazy happens (which of course means something will), I’m pretty confident this year.

My ultimate goal is to someday have a list as great as Woody Guthrie’s (click to enlarge; you know how the Internet works):

Tonight: two parties! Look out!


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