I Might Be A Little Protective Of Mariah


Matrimonial Mumbles:

Work is hell, but somehow we’re managing to squeeze 7 venue tours into a week and a half. Hopefully we’ll nail down a place (and a date) (and Ben) by the end of next week. Contestants include a glass-blowing factory, a former police station with jail cells, a carousel, an art gallery, a nightclub with fiber-opticy drapes, and a giant attic that looks a little like a wooden cave. I’m really hoping the cave attic works out, but your food might be kind of lame; just warning you.

We had to push the date to 2013 because of scheduling stuff that’s out of our hands. It made me sad at first, but at least this way we can have our pick of venues and I know I’ll appreciate the extra time more and more each day.

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  1. and more people can plan ahead to be there and you can make sure your day is everything you hope itwill be ๐Ÿ™‚

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