F This February: Food and Falling Asleep

Okay, so I’m well into the P90X, so this month the goal is food. Specifically, stop eating all of it. There will still be food there tomorrow if you leave some, Stephie. Good grief.

It’s one thing to eat whatever you want when you’re running 7 miles a day. It’s another thing to eat all the food when you’re doing P90X, which burns like 300 calories, tops. And when your life mirrors a meme a little too closely:

… then your life needs a little work. And a lot less Party Pizza.

Regarding the other goal, anyone who has had sleep issues will tell you that it is impossible to diet when you’re tired. I mean, your mental capacity is basically legally drunk at that point, and we all know how we eat when we’re drunk. Sleepless nights mean craving sugar, carbs and not giving a fuck.

I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones series (GAME OF THROOOOONES) on my Kindle at night and it’s been keeping me awake (GAME OF THROOOOONES) so it’s time to add a little sleep hygiene to my nightly routine. I would also love to run a few miles some mornings while I’m doing P90X, and I can’t really do that unless I get to the Y by 5:30 or 6.

So, sleeping and protien. Gonna be an exciting month, friends. I know you’re pumped for this.

P90X is going well. I was thrilled by how much my abs and back hurt after day 1. Plyo Day was something I’ve been warned about by everyone, but it’s like a tamer Insanity workout without the pushups, so I was fine. Today is normal freeweights, so I’m excited, though my 10 lb. dumbbells might not be heavy enough. We’ll see. Anyway, so far so good!

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