Hey Erin Hey Erin Hey

For Erin!!
for pictures


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6 responses to “Hey Erin Hey Erin Hey

  1. Also I would like your readers to know that I was sampling a pumpkin pie Pop-Tart (it was okay) and not consciously duckfacing.

  2. It’s true. I block myself from Facebook at work so I could only pull from your blog. A(n unintentional) duckface seemed the most appropriate for a blingee.

  3. Veronica P

    Hahaha! This is awesome. Though now I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get a blingee. HMPH! (In my best toddler pout face, my arms crossed and a foot stomp.)

    And the pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts are disappointing.

  4. Jen

    You two are refuckulously adorable. Congratulations, Stephanie! (And I assume congrats are in order for you, too, Miss. Erin-Soon-To-Be-Bridesmaid.)

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