Let It Flow

If you’re a writer, then you get this immediately… but you also know that before the last-minute panic comes endless procrastination, crippling doubt, and a minor nervous breakdown. I’m in that stage right now.

Lately Lifehacker has been posting all these mindhacks for creativity… and several posts have said that you are your most creative when you’re drunk and sleepy. Why, that’s how I spent my entire twenties!

Unfortunately, I’m kicking ass with the P90X and eating right, and I had enough of a boost of confidence this weekend to keep it up… and that means no drinking. Sorry, Stephie.

But, um, y’all I am really stuck and seriously stressing right now. So I guess the point of this post is really to (a) procrastinate and (b) convince myself that 9pm is too late to walk down to the general store for booze. On Monday night. In my pajamas.

P.S. It doesn’t help that my favorite place to write is in my papasan, which means I’m staring at a giant neon champagne bottle that pops on an endless loop:


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One response to “Let It Flow

  1. There are days when I consider myself accomplished to have negotiated an extended deadline with my editor.

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