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Tucker Jesus and the Sad Hipster

You know it’s going to be a good day when you kick it off with a sunny walk and a Jesus sighting.

Why yes, I saw Jesus. He was walking down Tucker, which I consider one of the more treacherous downtown streets. He was spotted in several places, including asking people for hugs in a public housing neighborhood where people get shot at least once a month.

Yoinked from @jdh583

I spotted him on the bridge that crosses the train tracks, though thank … him … that he was on the other side. He was bouncing his staff up and down with a beatific smile, and stopped to wave into street level windows once he reached the other side. This would have been awesome, but it was a preschool.

Jesus kicked off a pretty great day. On the way to work, I pass by the courthouse and usually get hit on by someone smoking on the front steps. This time, a nice young man offered to buy me breakfast. 10 points for pancakes! (I’m so happy that I can deflect these invitations with, “Sorry, I’m married!” now.)

Once I got to work, I had to work on a pretty urgent project with the head of my department–I kicked its ass and got kudos from my bosses, their bosses and some of the top people in the company! It wasn’t even that hard! I left work early!

On the walk home, the bridge was still happening. As I crossed over the train tracks, I glanced at a small maintenance vehicle that was riding down the tracks. The driver waved and honked his train horn at me–the noise echoed off all the downtown buildings and was so loud that it made everyone on the bridge jump. Way to make a lady feel special!

After work, I caught up with my best friend in Florida, Liz, for about an hour. We spent the last 20 minutes doing our usual validating the shit out of each other, which always makes me hang up with a smile (mainly because I know I’ve made her smile).

THEN, Justin and I went to see The Artist at the Hi-Pointe. The Hi-Pointe is the oldest continually-running theater in St. Louis, so there’s this great Old Hollywood vibe to it and there’s a dog who is always running around the lobby to catch dropped popcorn. So it was the perfect place to see The Artist and it’s always a romantic spot for a date. Also: I drank champagne out of a can with a straw!

Tonight is the first Fish Fry of the season, which we’ve already established is awesome. But today?

I just got invited to SXSW Interactive for work, but I can’t go for several reasons–mainly I have Radiohead tickets for that weekend and I offered to have a pre/post-show gathering at my loft. WORST DILEMMA IN THE HISTORY OF EVER? Just say yes.


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