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So I Watched “100-Minute Lady Boner”

I mean, Drive.


Other movies I’ve watched while Justin is at work: Crazy Stupid Love, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, Murder by Numbers. See a pattern?

I have yet to watch The Notebook. Give me 24 hours.

Half Nelson was the most impressive and Crazy Stupid Love was the most fun, but Drive was 100 minutes of me writing “Stephanie Gosling” on the back of my social studies bookcover. It’s one of those movies where I walked away with more of a feeling than a story. Also: I love the soundtrack!

While I’m talking about great soundtracks, I have to mention Hanna. And really, Gosling may be badass, but nothing he’s done compares to Hanna’s escape scene.

Especially since she spares the hot guy. That’s my girl.

Gifs by my braintwin starsweptnight.

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