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Breaking My Silence (On One Direction)


Harry Styles (in the plaid shirt) is totes the cutest!



You’d think this post would put me in jail, but:

a. He’s 18.
b. His last girlfriend is a year older than me.
c. His outfit here makes me think that I like him because he looks like my girlcrush Shane from The L Word:



P.S. Good grief, that song is terrible. Palate cleanser (and my favorite video ever):

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… but you would not believe my week. Aside from all my pouting and crying about work, it also involves a perverted Canadian visitor, like 16 babies, a psycho friend I haven’t talked to in years calling out of the blue and asking to stay at my house for two months, and a dance crew. Yes. Two of my old neighbors/besties have started a dance crew. Uh, not a very good one. This would be the greatest post ever if I didn’t love them so much. I have to figure out a nice way to tell you how ridiculous it is.

Still crying every day. Getting there. Holy shit, I love my friends, work family and Justin so much.




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The Method Is In The Kindness

Another reason why I’m becoming a Methodist:


Not my church, but still great.

My life was basically turned upside-down yesterday, work-wise, so I need to adjust and run and freak out and drink heavily and hug my work friends before I get back to regularly-scheduled posting, including a certain promised post that is written but still needs pictures. No idea what my F this April goal is going to be yet. Still recovering from shock.

It’s not like I lost my job, or even the brands that I work on, but I’m switching teams and will have a new partner and new bosses. Apparently my new boss is amazing (“That is a GOOD MOVE for you,” one friend whispered), but Kim and I are pretty heartbroken that we won’t be working together any more. I may even have to move from my chaotic, noisy enclave to a miserably-quiet office in the back corner.

During the Mega Millions madness, I told Justin that I wouldn’t quit working if I won because I love my team so much. So even though I should be excited about this (and really, out of everyone’s changes, I lucked out the most), I’m pretty nervous and depressed. I’m in emergency/recovery mode for now.

One cute thing: I called Justin and told him as soon as I found out, and he could tell that I was upset. So when he got home from class late last night, he woke me up with an Easter basket. Marshmallow bunnies, games, silly tabloids, and the sweetest card ever. I don’t just have a good one. I’ve got the best one.


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