The Method Is In The Kindness

Another reason why I’m becoming a Methodist:


Not my church, but still great.

My life was basically turned upside-down yesterday, work-wise, so I need to adjust and run and freak out and drink heavily and hug my work friends before I get back to regularly-scheduled posting, including a certain promised post that is written but still needs pictures. No idea what my F this April goal is going to be yet. Still recovering from shock.

It’s not like I lost my job, or even the brands that I work on, but I’m switching teams and will have a new partner and new bosses. Apparently my new boss is amazing (“That is a GOOD MOVE for you,” one friend whispered), but Kim and I are pretty heartbroken that we won’t be working together any more. I may even have to move from my chaotic, noisy enclave to a miserably-quiet office in the back corner.

During the Mega Millions madness, I told Justin that I wouldn’t quit working if I won because I love my team so much. So even though I should be excited about this (and really, out of everyone’s changes, I lucked out the most), I’m pretty nervous and depressed. I’m in emergency/recovery mode for now.

One cute thing: I called Justin and told him as soon as I found out, and he could tell that I was upset. So when he got home from class late last night, he woke me up with an Easter basket. Marshmallow bunnies, games, silly tabloids, and the sweetest card ever. I don’t just have a good one. I’ve got the best one.


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2 responses to “The Method Is In The Kindness

  1. Did everyone get called into a conference room at once and see that the big bosses were there, and instead of coming right out and saying something, some executive began with “we’re all committed to doing our best for the company, right guys?”

    Yeah. Those meetings are the BEST.

  2. Heath-Bar

    Hey dudette, sorry to like threadjack or whatever, but I don’t have your email. Pretty please get on AIM so I can chat with you. ASAP

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