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Geez I’m Bad At This

But I have nothing new to tell you right now! Really!

  • Still running (85 miles, second pair of shoes).
  • Still working (for on the weekend).
  • Still reading Game of Thrones (book 5 is craaaaaaazy).
  • Still watching Mad Men with Justin (all caught up!).
  • Still missing Revenge (Reveeeeeenge).
  • Still sucking at all Tolliver gambling except Roulette (I was thisclose to winning about 10 horse races, ugh).
  • Still catching up with friends when I can (Dewey’s with Jane, TV with Jen and Ron, kickball with Ty, Peter and Heather, Santigold with Kim, Liz and Nate).
  • Still doing not much else (Dawson’s Creek on Netflix).
  • Still throwing shade at the Ramonas (Ramona 1 canceled our second attempt to hang out so she could hunt down a new friend who skipped out on drug court and was texting her pictures of full syringes. I was like, “Well, he sounds awesome. Have fun with that.” That was the straw that broke our Facebook friendship’s back. Ramona 2 is a whole ‘nother story. The Ramonas are unfriended).

I went to Indiana last weekend and I’m going to Jersey/Brooklyn in a few weeks. Other than that, same old same old. I probably should have kept the Ramonas around for more stories to tell you, but it was getting so depressing. I have opinions on things, but I already told Facebook and Twitter about that. Anyway.

P.S. Note upon rewatching this video: that wheel-smoke trick at 3:39? Someone did this right outside my loft at 1 in the morning a few weeks ago and then my room smelled like burnt rubber all night. Please never do that.

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