Dry Spell

I’ve decided to (try and) not drink until I’ve lost the 20 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for 6 months. Literally every time I lose 3 pounds, someone invites me out for drinks or I attend a wedding or I go to a party … and after a few glasses of wine, I morph into Meredith Baxter Birney in Kate’s Secret minus the purging. When it comes to self control, I am awesome until you booze me up. It’s time to take that out of the equation.

I hate when I turn this into a diet blog, but given my normal drinking habits and the current state of my stomach, I think people will assume I’m pregnant if I stop drinking and don’t explain why.

I also might take a page from Hannah’s “Scale of Truth” entries and do “Mortified Monday” posts where I post the picture of the scale. I mean, I’ve run over 200 miles in less than 2.5 months and while I feel better, I weigh the same. Time to throw some accountability into the mix.

I’m not doing any big diet, just focusing on real, unprocessed food: veggies, fruit, fish, chicken, beef (from Moondance Farm) and whole grains. I used to eat greek yogurt at work every day, but then I realized if you mix greek yogurt with dill dip mix, you can eat hella veggies and dill dip without feeling like a pig. Dill dip mix is my one processed splurge.

I filled up my Tumblr dash with health and fitness blogs. Staring at super fit girls does nothing for me, but when you see 50 pictures of fruits and vegetables every day, it makes you crave healthy food. Eventually I might try to actually cook, but the fact that I’m cutting up a yellow pepper every day and actually consuming it is big news for this big girl.


These days I run 5 miles in the morning (which makes me want to chug water for the rest of the day) and do 4-5 machines at the Y. Then when I get home after work, I have a 15 minute ab workout that I can do while watching Judge Judy. Lately I burn 3000 calories on weekdays, which is what I used to only burn on Saturdays. I can’t even imaging what will happen when the heat dies down and I can walk everywhere again.

I realize this entry makes me sound like I have super body issues or exercise bulimia. I know a size 10-12 isn’t that big, but my BMI is a 29, which is one point away from obese. And this time last year I was 15 pounds lighter and so much happier. Sure, I want to look the best I’ve ever looked on my wedding day, but this is also about entering a new phase of my life as healthy as possible. Your looks reflect the way you live your life, and lately I’ve been living like shit.

Also, I really hate when people lecture me about how I need to start looking for my wedding dress now, over a table of drinks and appetizers that they insist on feeding me to “celebrate”. My mothers-in-law will do this while, like, handing me an entire breakfast casserole for breakfast. It’s time to fight back. Again.

So, I told Justin that I’m not drinking til I lose 20 pounds and now I’m telling you. Aside from Mortified Mondays, I’ll try to keep this blog updated more, with non-diet topics. Of course, tomorrow is the anniversary of my father’s death, so in 36 hours I might be crying on my couch with a Party Pizza and a bottle of wine. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “Dry Spell

  1. ~Louvre

    Just a reminder that your fitness commitment has been my number one inspiration and motivation. You can take credit for the 15 pounds I’ve lost too!

  2. Aw, thanks Ron! That means a lot and I’m so happy for you! Though, the fitness commitment was supposed to help ME lose 15 pounds. 😦

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