Mortified Monday #1

Okay. Here we go. Ready?

I would like to note that the first time I stepped on the scale, it said 158.3. Then when I took the first picture, it was this:

I decided to get one with my fat little toes and then 158.9 showed up. So, I’m gonna play fair and post the heaviest one. But shit, at least it’s under 159. That’s the number I go back to every week, no matter how much progress I make. In fact, right after I took that picture, I got a text from Ty inviting me to eat hot wings at Ice & Fuel. I will not. I WILL NOT!

So this is how it’s gonna work, people who care: I have a list of criteria that I use to judge whether I’m happy with my progress or not, and I’m going to update it each week.

Jeans (size 10): Getting a little loose.
Work Pants (size 8): Still feels like they are going to bust open at any second, but I don’t want to kill myself when I wear them like last week. (Backstory: I refuse to buy new work pants. Thankfully I only have to wear them on days when I have meetings.)
I Ran: 24.5 miles. I’ve been trying to get to 25 a week; so close!
I Drank: Nothing. And I went to a party at the speakeasy!
High Point of the Week: I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to run on weekdays. Bonus: I sent Pammy pictures of Tony’s wedding and she told me that my boobs look small.
Low Point of the Week: (This will never be, “I ate a cupcake!” I run so I can eat the occasional cupcake or whatever the hell I want.) Running during this heat wave/drought is incredibly hard, even inside. The heat is making my asthma act up and I can barely get through 3 miles without needing a break.

P.S. This was my lunch today, and I was full for the rest of the day (even with a table full of Rosalita’s leftovers at the office. Tortilla chips are my kryptonite.) Avocado, tomatoes and peach. Perfect. Same calories as a Lean Cuisine, so much better.

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