Mortified Monday #2

Okay y’all … (I learned my lesson when I tried to get my toes in the picture last time):

This should be a testament to how hard it’s been for me to lose weight lately–I ran 6 days out of 7 and burned 1,000 more calories than I ate during those days, too. And I only lost a pound? Ugh.

I could blame this on the fact that we didn’t eat dinner until 9:30 last night, or use the ultimate lame excuse of “muscle weighs more than fat” since I increased my weight training. But honestly, I’m just happy that it isn’t 159, or even 158.9. Just gotta stick with it, even if it takes 19 more weeks.

Jeans (size 10): Still fitting awesome. I know I refuse to buy fat work pants, but every girl needs a decent pair or 5 of fat jeans. These still fit closer to normal jeans, though,
Work Pants (size 8): I haven’t worn them since Friday, but they were actually feeling pretty good! Definitely felt closer to normal pants than they have in months.
I Ran: 30.5! This brings me to 268.5 total. Due to a 3-day film shoot and a trip to Indiana (I don’t feel like running in spandex in front of the Amish), I have to run every day this week in order to make my goal. Ugh.
I Drank: Nothing! That’s 16 days so far – probably the longest I’ve gone since The Year Without. This includes places where I would usually drink like a trip to the Loop (see my last entry) and a dinner date at Ari’s. I have no problem not drinking; it’s just boring. I really hope I don’t have to be dry for 19 more weeks.
High Point of the Week: I ran 4.5 miles without needing a break. 2011 Stephie would scoff at this, but 2012 Drought Stephie is pleased. This is my longest consecutive run run since the heat wave triggered my asthma. I credit the first rain we’ve had in weeks.
Low Point of the Week: I didn’t sleep well at all last week, which is completely my fault. If I stare at screens all night and stray from a strict bedtime, then I suffer–especially if I get up at 5:20 to run. I drank THREE sodas this week–gross not because of calories or diet stuff, but because I almost never drink soda. I felt wrong inside.

The biggest challenge this coming week? Going to Justin’s mom’s house for his sister’s baby shower. Justin’s mom gets very excited and, like a typical mom, is eager to please especially with food. I can see her getting very hurt or worried if I don’t eat some of the food she prepares, but she’s also a Y instructor so I’m hoping she’ll understand. At least with a pregnant girl in the mix, we might not go get tanked at Coody Brown’s like we usually do.

Side note: Justin’s stepmom is a completely different challenge because she’s used to cooking for three giants:


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  1. This is v. Bridget Jones of you.

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