Mortified Monday #4

You still can’t see any difference, but I feel different. And that’s the important part … right?

Sure, it’s only a .3 loss, but I went down a big number so I lost a fucking pound, right? That’s how I see it. Anyway, I still screamed when I saw this number because, while I certainly moved around more than usual this week, I also ate a lot and missed a few runs. I will take the .3. I will.

The biggest thing that happened besides the shoot was our anniversary. Three years! This is officially the longest relationship either of us have ever been in. We spent Friday night at the Westin downtown – hands down the comfiest bed we’ve ever slept in. We also spent the night walking around downtown and finally checked out the new Pi.

On Saturday, the weather was in the low 80s for the first time in over a month, so we did something we’ve been meaning to do forever: take the MetroLink to Forest Park! This way, we got a great workout, spent time outdoors, and avoided the nightmare traffic and parking at the park. We went to the Boathouse for the very first time. Highly recommended. Spending an hour in a paddle boat is a hilarious way to spend an anniversary, I think. Bonus fun: Justin is a huge World’s Fair nerd so he spent half the ride telling me fun facts about Forest Park. We also stopped off at the Loop for dinner. I was all set for the fancy Mac ‘n Cheese restaurant, but we couldn’t find it. Did it close? I had to settle for Truffle Mac at Noodles & Co. It was no Tavern, but it was still pretty good. Anyway, it was the best day that Justin and I have spent together in a very long time.

Jeans (size 10): Fresh out of the dryer, they fit like a glove. After a day or two, they do that glorious thing where I don’t have to unbutton them to take them off. I’m not in the mood to try my size 8 jeans yet, but I’m close.
Work Pants (size 8): Give me one more week and these will be normal pants.
I Ran: 18 miles. Not as bad as last week, and I sure as hell made up for it with other stuff. Plus, it’s only Day 3 of Month 4 and I’m already 12 miles in!
I Drank: We shared a bottle of red wine at the hotel, and I had a glass of chardonnay at dinner. It’s our 3 Year Anniversary! I’m celebrating. But now the drinking ban is back on. Just in time for the beautiful weather. :/
High Point of the Week: Man, where do I start? Three days of shooting, where I spent all day on my feet, sometimes outside, watching insane things happen that I wrote into reality? Yesterday, when I ran 5.5 miles without needing a break – the longest I’ve gone since the heat wave made me wheezy? No, I’d say it was Saturday. I ran 6 miles, spent over an hour of walking to and from MetroLink stops, and exactly an hour paddling a boat around the Grand Basin in beautiful weather. Somehow, I was able to run the next day, too! I’m sad that I didn’t wear my Body Bugg because I would have beat my all-time calorie burn record for sure.
Low Point of the Week: I ate Hamburger Helper last night (with grass-fed Moon Dance Farm beef, thankyouverymuch). This isn’t a low for the calories or whatever – this is a low because I forgot that today is my rest day. If I had remembered, I wouldn’t have loaded up on carbs last night. Oh well. IT WAS DELICIOUS I REGRET NOTHING.

This next week seeeeems like it will be great. I’m even running my first official 5k! (I will be chased by zombies and have to run through fake blood, but I get a number and all that shit, so it counts.) Plus, after 5 weeks of shunning the sun like a vampire, the heat wave has ended and I’m ready to rock the outdoors. I’ve missed walking to work and the store (and I’m sure my body has missed the Vitamin D more than I know). Also: I finally have a tan! I’m looking good! Let’s do this!


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4 responses to “Mortified Monday #4

  1. ~Louvre

    Naw, man, Cheeseology is still there AND it’s the best. It’s just next to Vintage Vinyl towards Blueberry Hill. Invite me when you go. And way to plug that Beef! And I’ll miss you guys at the Zombie Run… GO INTERSPECIES BESTIES!!

  2. DAMMITTTTT … Justin swore it was farther down and I swore it was by the Pageant. Now I’m going to have to admit I was wrong. And be sad about Mac ‘n Cheese. And miss you at the run. Frownies all around. 😦 😦 😦

  3. Is it okay to crap on yourself ONLY if you’re running a marathon?

  4. Are you asking for permission to poop your pants during a 5k? I don’t judge. Though, are we carpooling? I will judge you if you get poop in my car.

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