Mortified Monday – PMS Pass

Oh, y’all didn’t know that I get a PMS Pass? That’s because I just made it up.

I quit running for a week (except for when zombies chased me through the woods) because I did something weird to my leg. Literally every day it the pain moves to a different location. If that wasn’t enough, my minor arthritis has stepped up its game. I’ve learned my lesson about rest and recovery, no matter how much I hate it.

PMS is the worst time to be sidelined with an injury. But throw in that Todd Akin shit and the Mondays and I just can’t even, guys. That scale will push me over the edge. I control my own destiny, and today ignorance is bliss. Legitimate bliss. Which results in a food baby.

Welp, back to Teen Wolf and this bowl of guac. Seize the day, weeze the juice, etc.

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