Mortified Monday #5

Okay, considering I took 2 weeks off, this isn’t that big of a deal … but I also took a break from running, so I’m still pretty surprised.

Jeans (size 10): Baggy! But I’m enjoying it too much to move down to a size 8 yet.
Work Pants (size 8): Officially normal pants!
I Ran: 15 miles. But I bumped up my speed to 6 miles an hour, so even though I’m only running 3 miles at a time, it’s still a big deal to me. I also bought some KT Tape to help with my calf and prevent injuries in the future.
I Drank: I had 2 tallboys at Dustin’s birthday party a couple weeks ago. (Also, during the toast, Justin swapped out shot glasses so I ended up taking a shot of root beer vodka instead of the water Dustin poured for me. Nice. A couple days ago I tried to drink my usual amount of white wine, and it immediately became clear that my tolerance has gone waaaay down. The clarity lasted through the entire next day, too.
High Point of the Week: Honestly, rest. I needed to go easy on myself. Also, Dustin’s party. My friends acted like they haven’t seen me in months, which is probably true since I barely left my house during the drought.
Low Point of the Week: I miss my friends. And fried food. And the metabolism I had in my twenties. But specifically, the low point was the wine hangover. I do NOT miss drinking the way I did before this weekend. I learned my lesson. I’m about to leave for a party (on Park Avenue! I’m fucking fancy, y’all!) and I’m bringing a giant water bottle.

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