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Currently totally paralyzed by … something. SAD? Just plain depression? Whatever it is, it knocked me on my ass about a week ago. I’ve just been eating and sleeping and eating some more. I had one awesome night with my work friends, but that’s been the one bright spot. I can’t run. I can’t write. I can’t even go to the store. I’m practically comatose. Except when it comes to eating carbs. So many carbs. This box of Cheerios has been my bff for several days.

Anyway, move along. Nothing to see here. Except my fat ass and some Kleenex.

EDITED TO ADD: that my house has been spotless this whole time. Keeping up with Justin is no joke.

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A vs. An

I had to correct someone about this today, so I thought I would explain a grammar rule that people instinctively follow when they’re talking but don’t follow in writing. So here we go:

People think that “a” goes before words that start with a consonant, while “an” goes before words that begin with a vowel.

But actually, “a” goes before words that begin with a consonant sound, while “an” is used for vowel sounds.

A lollipop (“la”)
An LCD screen (“el”)

A needle (“nee”)
An NPR station (“en”)

A universal remote (“yoo”)
An umbrella (“uh”)

This entry is primarily so I can link people to it when they ask me, but I hope you got something out of this. If you didn’t, then here is a picture of me and my newest neighbor, a baby pig named Gertrude Swine:


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We finally sent out Save the Dates yesterday. I’ll wait to post them because they’re still making their way to places like Brooklyn and Portland, but for anyone who has one and is wondering, my friend Ben drew that sucker from scratch. We paid him, obviously, but I also got him two 12″ x 12″ prints by Joey Spiotto:

Jesse Pinkman is thisclose to being the official mascot of the ad agency where we work. I really can’t thank Ben enough and I can’t wait to show his work to you because it’s beyond insane.

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And Then I’m Not


Justin’s stepbrother was killed in a car wreck yesterday. The whole family is completely torn up. He and Justin weren’t very close, but he was an incredibly nice guy with three small children, including a newborn baby. It’s heartbreaking. We’re still going to Ohio to see baby Avery, but we’re going 2 days early to a different town and attending a funeral.

Also! His Grandma (stepmom’s mom) is in the hospital with barely-functioning kidneys, so we’re stopping in another city on the way to see her, so I can meet her.

SOOOO it’s going to be a very heavy 4 days with limited time to run, lots of comfort food, Tolliver booze and (obviously) zero complaining about it from me. I’m going to try my hardest, but it really isn’t the time or the place to care about that stuff. I have my health and my fiancé and that’s all I need. And that’s that.

Also, I didn’t post this week because of all sorts of charger/trackpad drama, resulting in two trip to the Apple Store. I finally got my computer back, and I don’t know why but they basically replaced the entire outside so it feels like a brand new computer. All for free. Hooray for Apple Care!

I went into ACTUAL Bridezilla mode this week and made a lot of progress, namely the Save the Dates are being printed on Monday and envelopes are in the mail! Still working on the DJ.

I made my 100 mile goal for Month 5. I’m hoping that this month I can make up some of the 50 I lost, but with this trip, we’ll see.

Feeling very stressed and sad (and I think my friend is mad at me?), but also incredibly grateful for everything I have.

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I’m Baaaaaaack

The good news is that I’m back at the exact weight I hit during my last Mortified Monday. So I’m hoping next Monday I’ll be ready for an update. (My jeans literally fall off of me now. Hooray!)

The other good news is that I was derailed because of a lot of socializing, rest, and Biscoff Cookie Butter from Erin as an attempted apology for abandoning me. I would consider that gift a frenemy move if it wasn’t so damn delicious. Oh my god.

Speaking of delicious, yesterday I had a sweet potato falafel from Lulu’s, a food truck with wood paneling and a garden on the roof, and I think I’m still high from it. Amazing.

Life has been good, even if it sounds boring on paper. I’ve made burning calories a priority, so the majority of my time is spent running at the Y or walking downtown. Thanks to fall, I can now walk to work almost every day, so I do. I’ve burned at least 1,000 calories more than I’ve eaten for six days in a row, which might be a record. I plan to keep going. I feel amazing and I’m starting to love what I see in the mirror, too.

There’s a new niece in the TollivWeir household: little Miss Avery.

I don’t think Jen and Heather will mind me adding that they are both expecting and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

Wedding planning is going smoothly; my friend Ben has finished our amazing Save the Dates, so we plan on printing those and sending them out within the month. On to DJs. Anybody know a great DJ? This is what happened when I asked Facebook:

On Sunday, I’m doing the Diabetes Walk. I’m supposed to raise money for it, but my cousin sort of hijacked my fundraising page and also, I don’t really feel like talking about my dead dad on Facebook every day. Honestly I don’t want to do this walk; I’m a little PMSy at the moment and I feel like when I cross the finish line I’m going to have a nervous breakdown in front of thousands of strangers. But, this means a lot to my cousin. She lost her uncle and that’s a big deal, and I’m incredibly touched that she rallied all her co-workers and raised tons of money as a tribute to my dad.

I finally finished all five Game of Thrones books (it’s seriously worse than Harry Potter withdrawal), and have moved on to the insane stack of books next to my bed. I just finished The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides (which sounds like a Katherine Heigl movie unless you know Jeffrey Eugenides), and now I’m moving on to My Heart is an Idiot by my friend Davy Rothbart.

The election has made me sort of insane. I’ve had a couple instances where I left a comment on someone’s Facebook post that offended them. (Coincidentally, these were both loved ones of Jane; sorry Jane!) One was totally forgiving, but the other girl unfriended me even though I took responsibility and apologized twice. It’s worth stressing over because this is a girl that I vacation with and I love her group of friends (and liked her, too), so I’m afraid this will complicate my Girls’ Trips in the future. Sometimes the Webster University in me takes over, and when someone says something like, “political correctness is a socialist muzzle”, I don’t really know how to bite my tongue and let that slide. I’m slowly learning that I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to. Oh well. My apologies to the Girls’ Trip Gang. 😦

I’ll add that Jane is one of my favorite people in the world. She constantly motivates me, inspires me when I am down, and says exactly what I need to hear (whether it’s what I want to hear or not). I usually keep my religion as my business, but I feel like God brought her back into my life and I’m forever grateful for it. I hope someday I can be as good of a friend to her as she’s been to me.

Really, since I’m trying to avoid drinking, life has just been about working, walking, running, lifting, planning and when I have time, watching awesome shit like Fringe, Homeland, Dexter and Revenge. It’s not very exciting. But life is slowly getting busier, the weather makes me want to leave the house, and since I’m finally at a place when I can do Mortified Mondays again, I’ll probably be eager to add other content so my weight isn’t all you see. Haha.


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