And Then I’m Not


Justin’s stepbrother was killed in a car wreck yesterday. The whole family is completely torn up. He and Justin weren’t very close, but he was an incredibly nice guy with three small children, including a newborn baby. It’s heartbreaking. We’re still going to Ohio to see baby Avery, but we’re going 2 days early to a different town and attending a funeral.

Also! His Grandma (stepmom’s mom) is in the hospital with barely-functioning kidneys, so we’re stopping in another city on the way to see her, so I can meet her.

SOOOO it’s going to be a very heavy 4 days with limited time to run, lots of comfort food, Tolliver booze and (obviously) zero complaining about it from me. I’m going to try my hardest, but it really isn’t the time or the place to care about that stuff. I have my health and my fiancé and that’s all I need. And that’s that.

Also, I didn’t post this week because of all sorts of charger/trackpad drama, resulting in two trip to the Apple Store. I finally got my computer back, and I don’t know why but they basically replaced the entire outside so it feels like a brand new computer. All for free. Hooray for Apple Care!

I went into ACTUAL Bridezilla mode this week and made a lot of progress, namely the Save the Dates are being printed on Monday and envelopes are in the mail! Still working on the DJ.

I made my 100 mile goal for Month 5. I’m hoping that this month I can make up some of the 50 I lost, but with this trip, we’ll see.

Feeling very stressed and sad (and I think my friend is mad at me?), but also incredibly grateful for everything I have.

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