Mortified Monday #6



I’ve gone through these phases in the past where all I could talk about on this blog (or really, think about) was my weight. I’ve been working really hard to change that, even if it’s simply by saying, “My body issues are acting up,” instead of “I’m super fat today.”

So why am I bringing back Mortified Monday? For one thing, I’m really proud of my approach and progress. That 2 up there? I haven’t seen that 2 in over a year. And I got there by lifting weights, resistance training, running, and eating as clean as I can.  The other reason? Same as last time: accountability; though this time there’s much more at stake. (Cue my mom shrieking, “Think of the pictures!”)

Rather than worrying about how much I eat or what I weigh, I focus on one goal: burning 1,000 calories more than I consume each day. So the effort is more about moving than restricting. I eat about 1500 – 1800 calories a day, but the big ticket items are usually nuts, avocados or sweet potatoes. And a lil’ gelato from down the street.

OH right. I’ve also been doing a Dry January (or as Erik calls it, January of Strength). I was 161 when I rang in the New Year. Sadly, not drinking is the big secret to success.

I decided to extend it through February (with, you know, at least one day off), and at the rate I’m going, I should be able to hit my realistic goal (139) by the end of the month. I’ll worry about my stretch goal when I get back from Iceland.

Trying on wedding dresses was a TRIP. Remember on Sally Jessy Raphael and Ricki Lake when they would give goth or “bad” girls a makeover? And then the poor girls would clomp out in a pink floral dress looking ridiculously uncomfortable and depressed? That was me trying on wedding dresses.

Also? They make you do it on a stage, so everyone who is there with a potential bride gets to see your dresses, too. Also? You can’t zip those things up by yourself so you have to wander onstage clutching your dress to your boobs. Also? Dresses are 2 sizes smaller than normal dresses, so while I’m an 8 at home, I’m a 10/12 at David’s Bridal. Also? DON’T WEAR BLACK UNDERWEAR WHILE TRYING ON WHITE DRESSES ON A STAGE. This was something no one warned me about.

David’s Bridal and all those other generic stores are just not for me. (Jen was so awesome to come with me last minute and keep me sane.) Veronica and I are going to Chicago at the beginning of March to go to Anthropologie’s wedding dress store.

I know I had all those checkpoints at the end of each Mortified Monday (Pants Stats! Pants Stats.) but since my pants are all baggy now, I though I’d change it up. Oh, and I promise to write about other stuff, too.

Dress: I have a size 4 hanging in my closet that, as I explained above, is really a size 0 or 2. So I feel a little better about the fact that I can’t zip it up. The size 6 will probably not be much better, but again, I’m losing weight so fast. Either way: Anthropologie!

I Ran: 21 miles. I’m running 4 miles a day (with 5 miles on Saturdays if I’m feeling good). I had to give up on 1200 in 12 because of my back, and I don’t want to push it. 4 is enough. I make a goal to put in 5 miles total every day, no matter how I’m feeling, whether it’s through walking, running, or both.

High Point of the Week: That 2 up there. Hay 2. Also, lots of quality time with both Jen and Vee. Dry months can get a little anti-social.

Low Point of the Week: I could only run 3 miles yesterday? But the fact that that was my low point is probably a high point. There was one day where I ate 2 cheese danishes in approx. 3 minutes, but screw you guys, it was worth it.

Wedding Update: Getting SO close. Right now we’re nailing down the look, and Justin is being a total diva about it. Don’t even get me started on the registry.  But it’s not all him; I think wedding planning is bringing out the worst in both of us. Maybe weddings are such a pain in the ass so couples can learn how to weather anything together? We do make up almost instantly. Whatever; where is my Excedrin Tension Headache?

Hey Stephie, How Are You Doing?: Pretty great, Stephie, thanks for asking.

How are all of you?


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