Justin is currently in Vegas with his brothers and bffs for his bachelor party. A lot of girls would be concerned if their fiance was partying in Vegas. What if he gets a hooker? What if he gambles away all our savings? What if he ends up missing, Hangover-style?

Well, most girls aren’t engaged to Justin.

Because when Justin goes to Vegas …
… he makes a fucking game show wheel full of Vegas activities.

Oh, there’s more:
I helped him assemble all the velcro backing a few nights ago. Chauncey also helped in typical fashion:
My favorite ones are “Solve a murder”, “Watch Bachelor Party” and visiting the Sex & The City penny slots. The descriptions on the back are the best part (click to expand if needed; it’s worth it):
Most girls say, “Please don’t tell me if there’s a stripper.” I say, “Please don’t tell me how much those arts & crafts supplies cost.” That wheel is dry-erase, and obviously I will be trotting it out for every party I have until the end of time.
.I can never say this enough: I’m marrying a mad scientist.


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