Mortified Monday #8 – Fat Tuesday Edition


Last week the drinking ban ended, just when about 5 shitstorms hit all at once. So I figured I’d live a little. I was a little scared to see what I weighed last week. And then …

… the stomach flu hit. Yay?


On the one hand, I’m thrilled to see that 4 for the first time in over a year. On the other hand, I sure do miss solid foods. And my friends at work. And moving.

I’m sure this was all water weight (actually, I’m positive it is) and I’ll be back into the 150’s by next week, but this was one of the only highlights of the last 4 days, so just let me enjoy it while I suck on some saltines.

The other highlights of the flu: I watched every episode of Enlightened (it’s adorable) and Justin came home! I will refer you to Rob’s post to explain how his weekend went.

Also, speaking of Fat Tuesday, I watched all 5 episodes of My Mad Fat Diary today. Y’all know how much I love British teen dramas and this one is equally awesome. The best part? It’s set in 1996! The main character Rae is 16, and while I was 15 in 1996, I feel like I had a lot in common with her and the music just completely teleports me back to that time. It also leads to great comedy, like someone explaining what the “friend zone” is to the tune of “Mr. Wendal.”

All 5 episodes are on YouTube; you have just enough time before the last episode airs next week. (I highly recommend the stomach flu if you’re looking to catch up on TV/lose weight/completely gross yourself out.)


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