What on Earth?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here… and holy shit, it looks different! I hope no one is expecting pictures in my new posts because I , uh, no longer know how to do that.

In addition to being on lockdown with three kids under 6, watching the fall of democracy, co-managing virtual Kindergarten, and working remotely full time at a job that just keeps getting busier, I decided to be an idiot and take a writing class with one of my favorite writers. One of the assignments is to write every morning! So I’m dusting off the old Shortcake and will attempt to post here. I doubt anyone still reads this, which will probably make me a little more fearless than I should be.

If you used to read this blog regularly, you know that I like to set dumb goals for myself. I decided at the beginning of 2020 to work out every day, and aside from two days in early January, I’ve been doing it! And damn, was this the year to jack up my endorphins and immune system, or what?

Because that’s my main priority, and the class is more to tap into what I love about writing when my job feels so hard on lockdown, I’ll probably write when i’m done with my workout and not right when I wake up. But I love the advice the instructor gave, which I want to remember: that instead of immediately picking up my phone and doom scrolling each morning, I should start the day with my voice. I definitely need to do that.

First endorphins. Then coffee. A shower. Then, if the kids haven’t woken up already, my voice.

Welcome to 2020, my old friends. It’s so fucked up. Did you ever think it would be this fucked up? Maybe you can help me get through this. I’ve missed you, so very much.

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