Day 1

Whelp, I wasn’t supposed to doom scroll right when I woke up, but what else can I do when a fly lands on the Vice President’s infected head on live television? My god. At least I’m here.

Being a working mom of 3 tiny kids during pandemic means that I’ll never be a great mom, wife, worker, friend or person on the same day. My number one aim is to be at least a mediocre mom and worker every day. Yesterday I was an amazing wife (I can’t WAIT to tell you what I’m up to!) and a decent self. Today I need to be an amazing coworker. It’s hard to maintain a balance. I don’t like doing things just enough vs. doing things consistently well. There is just so much to do, in so many areas, and right now it’s all so exhausting and hard.

But writing a couple paragraphs for myself vs. work, fitting in a daily workout, and remembering to take my Lexapro means I did something nice for myself today. I did just enough. I’m learning to be kind to myself and forgiving for not being able to do it all, all at once. And I can dive into work or parenting or whatever else I need to do feeling proud of that.

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