Day 5

Spent Days 3 and 4 working on my assignments (and working, working, working, even though it was the weekend) but I’m back. It’s Monday. I’m considering doing Mortified Mondays again, where I post my weight and my weekly progress.

This month has been killing me. Between Murray’s kindergarten, the election, crazy work (usually clients run out of money by now, but my brand keeps getting more?) and a morning schedule that we just can’t seem to coordinate, I just keep panic eating. I spent all of lockdown maintaining and even losing a little more, but within just a few weeks, I’ve ballooned back up to where I originally started.

Mortified Mondays were in the weeks leading up to my wedding, and that was the last time I was in the 140’s, or even the 150’s, before I had kids. I liked the accountability, even if I hated the accountability. I’d really like to feel in control of this body before my 40’s, especially since I don’t have control over anything else.

It will *also* be nice because I don’t have any readers anymore, I think? I just pretend I do, which is nice? So what do you think, should I do it?

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