Mortified Monday #1


Yes, I know it’s Sunday. You wanna see what my Monday mornings look like?

Election season has been bad for me, friends. Especially combined with quarantine and three tiny kids who never give me a break. I work out every single day and spend all day counting calories, but my only relief at the end of the day is a glass of wine, and that wine convinces me to eat a bajillion snacks, and that 10 pounds I lost this year has snuck back with a vengeance, or at least 60% of it has.

Soooooo here we go! I have roughly 15 weeks until I turn 40, and I’d love to be in the 140’s by then. I just need some accountability, even if it’s posting to literally no one on my long-dead blog. You ready?


Ideally, I’d like to lose two pounds by this time next week. I’m attempting to bring intermittent fasting back into my life, and I’m going to try to not drink during the week. LOL! We’ll see how that goes! Wish me luck! 

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