Mortified Monday #2


My efforts were so so this week. But holy shit!

I really, really didn’t think I was going to lose anything this week. Between the debate, new illnesses and [insert one thousand psychotic news stories that I’ve already forgotten about because they happen too fast], I really thought I wouldn’t lose anything. There were a lot of exhausted glasses of wine and panic snacks. BUT:


I lost two pounds exactly, which is what I aim for each week and almost never hit! And all three of these red numbers came down! Maybe this dumb posting works?

I know that I aimed to write in here every day, and the fact that I’m still crawling back after a week is a huge deal. As much training as I’ve had in fighting all-or-nothing thinking, I still fall for it, often. But here I am, anyway! Putting in my 10 percent, which is more than I used to put in. Hooray!

Anyway, 9 more days until the election (and 10 more days until I hit 300 days of working out in a row!). Hang in there, imaginary friends!

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