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Sit-Up-Straight September

I miss having month-long goals. I feel like they did mold me, in some weird way. I’m always the most open to evolving when I’m depressed or I’ve been through something awful, which right now is both. I’m trying to do nice things for other people and ask them about their day, which always makes me feel better in general, but I need to work on me, too.

I mentioned before that I’ve been re-watching this show called Orphan Black. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, plays clones–seven so far. You forget that each character is played by the same person. It’s astonishing, and it’s especially great when one clone pretends to be another clone. You know exactly who that person is, even if they are dressed up as someone else. Hell, there is one episode where the clone with dreads, Cosima, isn’t wearing her glasses–and my first reaction was, “She looks so weird without her glasses!” even though that face is everywhere, in every episode.


One reason Maslany pulls this off so wonderfully is that her background is dance. So she doesn’t just get into a character mentally–she puts thought and work into what moves them. Allison has this little high-strung tick with her hand that I love, Helena is like a feral animal, Rachel moves with entitlement, etc. It isn’t just the way they talk or dress, it’s the air about them.

I was thinking about this yesterday–the way you feel inside can define the way you carry yourself, and vice versa. You look the way you live. I was also thinking about my Grandma’s favorite mantra: Fake it til you make it.

So for September, my goal is to carry myself with confidence and strength that I don’t exactly have right now. Time to sit up straight. Throw those shoulders back. Engage the core.

And get that fucking chin up. For good.

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Parenthetically Speaking

Nothing important to say, really. The problem with living and working downtown–living on the best street and working at the best (but busiest) place– is that I never leave anymore. The weeks all bleed together and I only hang with my coworkers (who are amazing, but I miss my friends). I’ve also really been slacking in terms of working out and what I eat. Before, I was searching for monotony. Now that the wedding and all my other obligations are over, I’ve found it, but it’s nothing worth writing about.

I took a couple months off of The Year Plus (at least once a year, I have a complete nervous breakdown, you know how it is), and that was a huge mistake. So, to make up for it: I’m running 100 miles in 3 weeks! It’s been 5 days and I’ve knocked out 28 so far. Next month, I plan on hanging out with at least one non-work friend a week and doing crunches every day.

Media wise, here’s the disgusting amount of things I’ve read/watched/heard lately and loved:

  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • The Help (the book–so good, as soon as I finished it, I started reading it again)
  • Willpower (which Erin F. will be happy to know kicks off with an Amanda Palmer story)
  • Doctor Who (up to season 6 and OBSESSED)
  • All my CW stories
  • Parks and Rec
  • Revenge (I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I love it already.)
  • Modern Family (my awesome bosses have converted me)
  • Fringe (this makes me the happiest of all)
  • Six Feet Under (the latest show Justin and I are watching together)
  • Mountaintops by Mates of State (yes Captain, I love it)

After a summer of only watching 2 shows at a time, I feel a little grossed out by the amount of TV I wanted to watch this week. So, I might just keep up my current pace, and just catch up on one show a week. And whatever I do: no cable!

So … see? This is why I haven’t written in a while; I’m caught up in my own world with my own goals and I love it, but it’s not worth reading. And while I used to just use all my brainpower to blog all day at an easy job that I hated, now I come home with most of my energy depleted. However, I’ve had a couple people bug me to write, so I here you go (and I’m sure they’re regretting it now).

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July Plus: World War Fat

So … right after I declared The War On Fat, the Y decided to SHUT DOWN THE WEIGHT ROOM – with ALL THE TREADMILLS – for the rest of the month.

I could still run at the other downtown location, but I have to pay to park and it’s closed on weekends. It’s too hot to run outside, and too unsafe when you live downtown, anyway. I hate the idea of driving 15 – 20 minutes one way just to run, ‘specially in this heat.

Besides, after my two (PAINFUL!) procedures yesterday for two separate biopsies? I plan on spending all weekend laying on the couch.

I’m still going to work out–I’ve missed you, Insanity!–but this means my goal of a 1,000 calorie deficit is nearly impossible. So, I’ve decided the War on Fat is my goal for July. Just in time, I might add. Just in motherf%*^ing time.

The War on Fat has gone nuclear, my friends:

Oh, a free Qdoba nacho bar in the lobby at work? SKIPPED IT.

A lunch meeting at Rosalita’s, which has the best chimichangas in the world and where this has been known to happen? Veggie-only salad, while staring down guacamole and queso.

Justin just went on a couponing binge and bought 2 bags of tortilla chips, 10 boxes of cereal and s’mores fixins. What an asshole. My goal for the weekend? Ignoring all that shit all up in my kitchen. Can I do it? (Can I? I really don’t know about this.)

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July Plus: Minus

I have a few different ways to add a minus to July.

I’m still a little concerned about that bridesmaid dress that I ordered in a size too small, so the first involves my BodyBugg. Usually I aim for a calorie deficit (the difference of calories I burn vs. calories I eat) of 750, but this month I’m going for 1,000.  Usually I hit 1,000 about 10 times a month. It would be impossible for me to hit 1,000 every day and still have a life, so I’m aiming f0r 20 days. (You do realize that in order to do this, I’ll probably have to run 100 miles again? I hope so; that was fun!)

The second is speed. I usually focus on how long I can run, now I’m going to see how fast I can do it. Today I ran 6 miles in 65 minutes; let’s see if I can run comfortably at 6.0 by the end of the month!

The third was going to be kicking my debt’s ass, but with upcoming oral surgery, a biopsy, and four weddings (one that I’m in, one where Justin is Best Man), I can’t do that any more. However, I can attempt to at least break even, and that involves the same method I had before – a budget! A strict one.

All of this means I won’t be much fun this month, but it’s totally gross outside as usual–I’m always lame in July.

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And If I Haver

I ran 100 miles in a month!

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Live, From The Bathtub

My Napa coverage has once again been preempted to tell you that I just completed a decade-long goal:

I ran 10 straight miles!

Even crazier: I ran all 10 at a 5.2 pace! Do you have any idea how short my legs are? Is this real life?

I should also note that my iPod battery was on red for the last hour, which is like the modern day equivalent of an Old Testament miracle.

(Fourfour gif, duh)

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Wheezy Breezy

I ran 20 miles this weekend, bringing my June mile tally to 25. Yup.

Today, I’m taking a break. I deserve nonstop Friday Night Lights and ice cream sandwiches tonight, right? Besides, I’m currently buried under a cat blanket and will be consumed by wheezy hives in about 30 seconds. Worth it.

Other fun stuff: I finally saw Bridesmaids (with Jen! Yay!), had a 5-hour Happy Hour at Atomic Cowboy (where I bumped into awesome Adrienne from college!), ate at Mizo with friends from work (’bout time I start exploring the 6,000 incredible restaurants on my street), AND my partner at work gave me FREE Mumford & Sons tickets. I saw them last night (and Jane!) and they rocked!

Okay, I’m tired of typing one-handed; time to rub some Benadryl on my nose.

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