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Why I’d Rather Drink Myself To Sleep

So last night was the first time in over 6 months that I’ve attempted to fall asleep completely on my own. No sleeping pills, cold medicine, antihistamines, or booze.

Eh. It went okay, I guess. It took a couple hours. Insomnia sucks.

I thought a lot about a drunk argument I had a couple of nights ago. It was kind of about “Jesus movies”, and whether or not Constantine has anything to do with upcoming film version of The Da Vinci Code. I don’t think that they do… one is completely about the supernatural and one is about history, facts, and conspiracies. It was a stupid conversation. But that’s besides the point.

For the record, I vote for whoever’s in the middle because they do the least amount of shit-talking. I don’t go to church because I haven’t found a new one that fits. For 90% of the issues, I don’t really have a “side” because I can kind of relate to where they both are coming from.

But I am so F-ing sick of people ripping on the Red States, Christianity, and The Passion of the Christ, simply for the sake of talking shit.

I was raised in an uber-Conservative house, I grew up attending a “holy-roller” church, and I have a brother in the military.

I went to an extremely liberal college, I have an eclectic group of friends, I’ve done my share of experimenting in whatever and I try to not be a douche-bag when I’m talking about people or beliefs that are different than mine.

But calling a Conservative Christian an asshole simply because they are a Conservative Christian is such a fallacy.

Yeah, an apple can be red. But not all apples are red. Not everything that’s red is an apple.

Conservative Christians can be hypocritical, closed-minded, and judgmental. But not all Conservative Christians are hypocritical, closed-minded, and judgmental.

Not all hypocritical, closed-minded, and judgmental people are Conservative Christians.

The fact that I live in a red state doesn’t say shit about me or what I believe. The fact that I don’t agree with the majority doesn’t matter. That’s still my home. Don’t talk shit about where I live. I am so fucking sick of people using the Midwest as the prime example of ignorance. I know the world revolves around New York and L.A., but don’t blame me when you didn’t even take the time to drive your Vote-Or-Die bus down here, P.Diddy.

Yeah, Republicans and religious people can suck sometimes. The war sucks, and the military has had to say and do some shitty things. But that’s still my family. Don’t talk shit about my family.

I know there are pro-lifers who stand outside Planned Parenthood and say shitty things. But you know what? When I was about 8 or 9, I took part in a pro-life demonstration, even though I hadn’t really made up my mind about the issue. I was well aware that as an adopted kid, I could have been aborted myself.  I stood on the side of the road and held a sign that said “Jesus loves babies” or something like that, and I was okay with that because I suppose it’s true, Jesus does love babies.

Some people who drove by us waved and honked and smiled.

Other people gave us the finger and yelled.

One lady looked me right in the eye and spit on me.

I don’t want to be on the same “side” as a person who calls a scared, pregnant girl a whore and a baby killer.

But I don’t want to want to be on the same “side” as someone who spits on an 8-year-old girl who doesn’t understand why.

Taking sides leads to trouble, name-calling, and spit. I wish we could all get together and just work it out, and take some time to just think about the other side, where they’re coming from, and what they really want. Chances are, deep down, they have good intentions and they want the same things that you do.

I’m not sticking up for everybody. I’m not agreeing with anybody.

But not everything that’s red is an apple. Know who you’re talking about, and know who you’re talking to.

In other news, Jamie Foxx made me call my Grandma.


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