I Come From Good Stock

Today is my dad’s birthday. I have a surprise present for him next week, but what he really wanted was the sheet music for “Gimme Shelter”. So, I dropped it off this morning.

He held it up, just kind of oohing and ahhing all silly-like, and my Grandma showed up.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Stephie got me the sheet music to ‘Gimme Shelter’,” Dad said, shuffling through the different pages. “Wanna see it?”

My Grandma nodded, and my dad picked up a page and handed it to her. He handed her page 4, which starts out like this:

RAPE! MUR-DER! Happy birthday, Daddy.


This picture was drawn entirely with Crayola Crayons:

This is the kind of stuff my mother e-mails me daily.

I used to hate these e-mails, but now they’ve circled all the way around to being awesome again. I read them diligently. I’ll even give a good hearty laugh. Hell, the picture at the top of my blog is from a Mom E-Mail. I love her.


The Neutrogena face wash that I use smells EXACTLY like my grandparent’s old condo, the one by Kevin’s house. It doesn’t smell like old people – it smells more like suntan lotion and ceramics.

So every single day for at least 30 seconds, I feel just like I’m five years old – on my way to the swimming pool with my two favorite people in the world. It’s magical.


A new Sludgie is up. Also, I’m sending out special high-fives for Captain Raoul, Jaime, Jen’s co-workers, and Francis’ friend Emily (who I have heard is super-cool).


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2 responses to “I Come From Good Stock

  1. The Captain

    And a writing-kicks-ass high-five back attcha.

    Wow, how fun is it that your mom emails you interesting stuff. I’m way jealous. My mom emails me a lot, but she usually just includes the “funny” things that my kid brothers say. And by “funny” I mean things that are at best mildly amusing, but which she thinks are hilarious. I would much prefer Burt.

  2. Emily

    Holy Moly!! I got a high-five!?!? What a day! It was kinda bad so far, but now… wowsers. And yes, I AM super cool… but so is your blog. I mean, it’s super cool times 12. -Francis’ friend Emily

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