I had about 50 things on my To Do list yesterday and I finished them all before dinner, so I spent the better part of the evening watching this UK show, Misfits. I love it!

The premise is that a group of juvenile delinquents get struck by lightning and develop super powers. A lot of people describe it as Heroes meets Skins, which sounds about right to me. The soundtrack is awesome. It’s probably considered more of a CW-ish show in the UK, but since they say (and d0) the F word frequently, it feels more adult to me. (And even if it didn’t, you know I would still watch it.)

Nathan (played by Robert Sheehan) is both my favorite and least favorite character. He’s my least favorite because Sheehan, while very funny, is kind of hammy and it can be exhausting. However, Nathan is my favorite character because Robert Sheehan looks like this:

My Robert Sheehan problem is the exact same problem I have with Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint these days – totally hot, yet hammier than I’d prefer. I mean, they’re funny but … perhaps their comedy style doesn’t translate as well over here? Either way, I’m simultaneously anticipating and dreading watching them both in Cherry Bomb on Netflix someday.


Misfits just finished its second season with a Christmas special that I can’t wait to watch. I can only find some of the episodes online (which sucks because the season 1 finale sounds awesome). Most of those links get deleted right away so I can’t point you in a good direction, but it’s worth a watch if you can find it. Season 2 is only 7 episodes long, so I’ll be done this week. I’m going to watch Skins next so I can complain about the American remake when it comes out.

Apparently Sheehan is also in the new Nick Cage movie Season of the Witch, a title so glorious that Jen and I exploded with giggles when we saw the trailer in the theater.

(images via cultureeatsme and, naturally, Robert Sheehan Appreciation)


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3 responses to “Misfits

  1. Lauren

    Ooooh this looks so good. Thanks for always finding the cool stuff for me!

  2. Courtney

    Cool! We’ve just been finishing up Heroes, finally. Luke and I caught up to it in real time during Season 2 but we never watch actual TV enough to keep up with a weekly show so we always wait for a season to finish and then watch it on DVD. While waiting for the season to finish, we forgot about Heroes.

    I heard a few bad things about season 4 but personally, I think season 4 is better directed, acted, and written than season 3. Okay, so the carnival might be cheesy, but they work it and it works. Oh, and I’m still kind of waiting to see how this whole “seeing sounds” power is actually a power instead of just neat.

    Anyway, we’ll be finishing the last two discs of season 4 this weekend and I’ve been wondering what to watch next.

    Also, which super power would you want? Cause I think, out of all of them, I’d pick flying. That’s it, that’s all I want.

    Also, I’m sorry I keep leaving such long comments.

  3. LOL, leave them anytime! I think invisibility would be the best. Though, there was just a This American Life about Superpowers, and this one guy said that if you choose invisibility over flying, you’re a perverted creep. I would still pick it. So.

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