July Plus: World War Fat

So … right after I declared The War On Fat, the Y decided to SHUT DOWN THE WEIGHT ROOM – with ALL THE TREADMILLS – for the rest of the month.

I could still run at the other downtown location, but I have to pay to park and it’s closed on weekends. It’s too hot to run outside, and too unsafe when you live downtown, anyway. I hate the idea of driving 15 – 20 minutes one way just to run, ‘specially in this heat.

Besides, after my two (PAINFUL!) procedures yesterday for two separate biopsies? I plan on spending all weekend laying on the couch.

I’m still going to work out–I’ve missed you, Insanity!–but this means my goal of a 1,000 calorie deficit is nearly impossible. So, I’ve decided the War on Fat is my goal for July. Just in time, I might add. Just in motherf%*^ing time.

The War on Fat has gone nuclear, my friends:

Oh, a free Qdoba nacho bar in the lobby at work? SKIPPED IT.

A lunch meeting at Rosalita’s, which has the best chimichangas in the world and where this has been known to happen? Veggie-only salad, while staring down guacamole and queso.

Justin just went on a couponing binge and bought 2 bags of tortilla chips, 10 boxes of cereal and s’mores fixins. What an asshole. My goal for the weekend? Ignoring all that shit all up in my kitchen. Can I do it? (Can I? I really don’t know about this.)


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