A vs. An

I had to correct someone about this today, so I thought I would explain a grammar rule that people instinctively follow when they’re talking but don’t follow in writing. So here we go:

People think that “a” goes before words that start with a consonant, while “an” goes before words that begin with a vowel.

But actually, “a” goes before words that begin with a consonant sound, while “an” is used for vowel sounds.

A lollipop (“la”)
An LCD screen (“el”)

A needle (“nee”)
An NPR station (“en”)

A universal remote (“yoo”)
An umbrella (“uh”)

This entry is primarily so I can link people to it when they ask me, but I hope you got something out of this. If you didn’t, then here is a picture of me and my newest neighbor, a baby pig named Gertrude Swine:


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3 responses to “A vs. An

  1. stop being so fucking cool, Stephie, I just cant take it. Just stop…or move to SoCal and be cool in the vicinity of me and my exceedingly uncool self

  2. I really thought this was a sarcastic comment until I saw that you wrote it. I think you really want to live by my awesome landlord who owns the pig, but thank you. And you are very cool! Your costume this year was hilarious!

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