You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much Angel

You know you’ve been watching too much Angel when…

… you’re home alone for the weekend and you hear a strange noise outside your room… and your immediate reaction is to matter-of-factly shrug and reach for your bat like, “Oh, time for another fight.”

… you watch the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s video and don’t even flinch at that guys face.* In fact, he’s pretty hot considering the context you’re normally dealing with.

… you change your favorite character when one is dealing with the same problems as you, like Cordy’s psychic headaches vs. your migraines. You feel her pain. It’s totally the same thing.

… you read this post on Perez, and instead of being psyched about a drunk, trainwreck-y fight that’s more awesome than sad, your first thought is, “Bitch, don’t you be messing with Dawn!”

… you’re at a chick friend’s house and someone knocks on the door. She looks out the peephole and says, “I don’t know this guy.” You reply, “Well, just make sure-” and then stop yourself… because you almost actually said, “Just make sure you don’t invite them in.”

I promise I haven’t written any fan-fiction, commented on Whedon forums, or done anything recently that could be considered Twilight-ish. So… we’re cool, right? Let’s just say if I get cornered in a dark alley any time soon, I’m pretty sure I could take him.

Two more things, below…

Karaoke at Rockin’ Gators was super sweet. I won’t go into details about why this is the best karaoke venue I’ve ever been to, but if you want to know RØB outlines the reasons here in amazing detail. My gator was delish. They were out of brains. Sad. We bought Rockin’ Gator merch. I wowed the crowd with “Heart of Gold”, “Tide is High”, “Black Hole Sun” and “Elegantly Wasted”. RØB rocked the room with the wireless mic (even wandering outside). Bill stopped by for a couple songs and made all the girls swoon.

The awesome, amazing dudes at Aww Hell Nah asked me to be a contributor. I’m so honored and psyched! There’s a button to AHN in the sidebar to the right. Erik or Clinton usually post something daily. I’ll post whenever I find something cool. I know absolutely nothing about other-newbie Brad, but again, pretty sure I could take him.

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