How To Win Dave Holmes’ Heart

How? He’s been fascinated/mystified by “Tik Tok” for weeks, so you send him this:

He thanked me, posted it on my favorite blog and totally made my day. St. Lunatics 4 Life!

When I was searching for his @ reply, I saw that one of my OTHER favorite bloggers, Princess Melissa, replied to me last week. She had tweeted that she was on a “Party in the USA” kick so I sent her that video I posted on Thursday, and she sent this back:

Hooray! Also, today Spencer Pratt requested to follow my buddy @Jaimeville. I don’t know why former MTV stars (and in 2 out of 3 cases, talented, hilarious and gorgeous people) love us on Twitter today, but I’ll take it!

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One response to “How To Win Dave Holmes’ Heart

  1. Jess

    you are the coolest person i know right now. i also want to thank you for introducing me to what I thought was some sort of Wilco blog, but turned out to be so much more!

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