September Without: No-Smoke Squish

My September Year Without Goal is more involved than my usual monthly goals. Usually I give up one thing or try to do one thing.

This month, I have to do/give up several things because my goal is to GET RID of something. Ten things, in fact.

This September, I’m going to lose the 10 pounds that I gained when I quit smoking. Dammit. I am!

To do that, I have to combine a lot of my past goals:
– Insanity Workout every day
– No pigging out
– No drinking (Sunday – Friday)

It’s kind of a lame goal, but y’all, I’ve been carrying these 10 pounds around for a year and a half (and they’ve made friends – I gained even more when I met Justin). I am over this shit. Maybe if I focus all my energy into losing just 10 (as opposed to the 35 I probably should get rid of) I can do it.

To demonstrate how significant 10 pounds can be, I wanted to show you that old weight loss commercial starring The Beav, where he likened that extra 10 pounds to carrying around a bowling ball. I always liked that commercial, but surprisingly there are some things you can’t find through Google.

I think Justin and my mom are on this mission to keep me fat and to be honest, it’s seriously starting to piss me off. I literally beg them to stop shoving food in my face, and they instantly appear with a piece of pizza or guilt trip me into going out to dinner or act all hurt and offended when I want to work out. I even skipped my workout yesterday to hang with Justin and he still got annoyed with me. I’m losing weight whether those jerks fucking like it or not.

Current Mood: Angry. And fat.

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