And Though My Love Is True-Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo

The more I listen to my friends complain about their boyfriends, or see the boyfriends treat the girlfriends like shit, or notice the girlfriends acting pathetic just to keep the boyfriends, or all of the above… it just makes me feel so, so, so incredibly relieved that I do not have one.

Sometimes I act more happy about it than I actually am as a defense mechanism – and I’m sure it’s obvious when I do – but in the past week I’ve seen more downsides than upsides and I’m filled with a sincere appreciation for this rare freedom that I have.

I’m very lucky to have a sweet guy in my life who is on the same page as me. He’s willing to give the exact amount of attention and time that I’m willing to give – which is not that much – and it remains a cute happy thing as opposed to one of us feeling jealous, neglected, etc.

SIDENOTE: I don’t want RQ to think I’m talking about her boyfriend (we talked about him on Monday, but it was all cute stuff). And the above paragraph is in no way a “friends with benefits” situation. As much as I love spilling my guts to you guys, I would never blog about something like that. Or, um, do something like that. Y’ALL, I am a LADY.*)

* I CANNOT read this sentence without hearing Kenneth in my head, can you? Weird.

I know that when people fall in love, all their convictions fly right out the window. They put up with things from this new person that they would never accept from anyone else. Hell, I fell in love with an alcoholic pizza cook who smelled like old basement, remember? None of his faults mattered to me; I just wanted to buy him beer and bake cookies and kiss him 24/7. Sometimes I still do. That’s love. It’s the greatest yet dumbest thing that can ever happen to you.

I’m not making a huge declaration that I will never have a boyfriend ever again. Shit happens and by shit I mean Cupid. When it comes to love, I have absolutely no say in the matter and I’m aware that the same is true for my friends.

I guess my point is, this week I am feeling like a lot of dudes I know need to MAN THE F**K UP because you’re making this single lady feel pretty grateful that she doesn’t have a boo like you.

Also, for reasons both related and not: I ABSOLUTELY F#@KING LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

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One response to “And Though My Love Is True-Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo

  1. Erin

    Correction. You fell in love with an alcohol FORMER pizza cook that smelled like old basement.

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