Five By Five

Last night:

  • Awesome BBQ at Nick’s, with all-star food and a portobello-swiss burger
  • Seeing a rarely-tipsy Justin tipsy, thanks to free beers in a luxury Busch Statium box
  • Having my own parking spot downtown!
  • A fun walk with my boyfriend, before meeting with friends at Jen’s building
  • A view of the Arch underneath the trees!
  • 5 couples… including, for once, me
  • The last single event for Niki and Dustin.
  • Being jealous of the kids who got to watch fireworks while sitting on a firetruck ladder! No fair!
  • Arriving just in time to hear the B-52s play “Love Shack” AND “Rock Lobster”
  • Amazingly off-beat dancing from some underage drunk white girls
  • Snuggling for the ages
  • Fireworks:

This Morning:

  • Sleeping in
  • Cheesy eggs made by a hot bearded man
  • Skipping down the (rarely) empty street to Gelateria
  • Getting respectfully hollered at by two old black men
  • Fresh giant cinnamon roll
  • Breakfast in COUCH BOAT
  • Buffy Season 3 marathon
  • “Justin, meet Faith. Faith, Justin.”
  • Talking ’bout the future. Lots
  • Nose kisses from Chauncy, with minimal resulting hives

Moral of the story: if you’re having one of the shittiest days of your life, it’s highly possible that in exactly a year, you could have a near-perfect 24 hours. So try to think of it as a good sign.

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