Regarding My Weekend


Am I making these faces on the inside because of:

a) Terrifying Facebook friend requests

b) My bathroom scale

c) Running a combined 12 miles and reviving my stress fracture

d) A terrifying unresolved health issue and/or hypochondriac google panic party

e) Ex-boyfriend at my front door

f) No drinking

g) 10% of my usual cigarette intake

h) Spotting Frank & Erik as a “New and Notable” podcast on iTunes

i) Writing the sh*t out of new stuff, which I haven’t done in forever

j) New Twin Peaks Club tomorrow?

k) Giving half of my closet to charity

l) The biggest full moon of 2009

m) The PMS

n) Discovering (and becoming obsessed with) The Recently Deflowered Girl

o) The newest 30 Rock with Kenneth’s version of Top That

p) Recovering from dancing at Girl Talk

q) Recovering from eye-rolling at BOY Talk

r) Being forced against my will to watch Rock of Love: Bus

s) Some of the above

t) All of the above


* D and E are absolutely not related
* E and Q unfortunately are
* A was not E, but did result in a terrible nostalgic 1-2 punch
* L and M when combined are lethal (for Gummy Bears)
* C, F and P canceled out B
* All could have benefited from F and G, though R made me appreciate my decision


t) All of the above

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One response to “Regarding My Weekend

  1. Rocket Queen

    Those faces are MY LIFE.
    And I enjoy the fuck out of them.

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